Trade spot metals

Trading gold and silver prices is a popular way you can diversify your portfolio, and trading the spot price gives you immediate access to market prices (more on that below).

Trade spot gold and spot silver prices against the US Dollar and other major currencies with a global broker today. Choose the Advantage account to trade the price of gold with spreads as low as zero.

What is spot metal trading?

The spot price, as opposed to a futures contract, of a metal like Gold (XAU) or Silver (XAG) is the cash price of that metal in the market at the current point in time. With Ideal Stock Exchange, metal trading is the act of exchanging Gold or Silver spot prices for a major currency. An example of this is the pair XAGEUR (trades Silver against the Euro), or XAUGBP (Gold against the British Pound).

Spot metal traders use both long- and short-term price charts to monitor Gold or Silver’s price movements, and then place a trade depending on which direction they believe the price may go next. Depending on the market’s current state of volatility, investors might choose to hold either a long- or short-term position according to their trading strategy.

One of the most appealing aspects of trading metals’ spot prices is that gold and silver— unlike currencies — are very rarely affected by political and economic events. These assets are typically seen as a hedge against inflation, meaning that regardless of the current state of the financial market, the opportunities to trade metals are potentially plentiful.